How do newcomers in the workplace win the favor of typical difficult employees

How do newcomers in the workplace win the favor of typical difficult employees

Every company has such old employees as collectives. They have different personalities and hobbies. They have grown up with the company and made great contributions to the company.

University students who have just stepped out of the school and settled into work positions are faced with such a group of older employees who are older than themselves, older than themselves, and have more experience than themselves.

  So, how can we win the “favor” of these old employees, take less detours, and gain valuable experience in the rushing workplace?

  Case study of rigorous old school employees: Xiao Chen has been in this company for several months.

According to his observations, his colleague in his department is over forty years old and is a meticulous person.

He knew exactly who was late for five minutes in the morning and who did not clean himself.

On this day, he slowly approached Xiao Chen and said, “Xiao Chen, I read this propaganda material you wrote, and you see, how much punctuation is wrong?

If such a thing is shown to the general manager, what will he think of us?

Punctuation, like Chinese characters, is something we have been learning since we were young.

… “Lao Zhang eloquently criticized Xiao Chen for improper use of” marks “, and Xiao Chen only listened.

  Since then, Xiao Chen has been extra careful.

The first one to arrive in the morning and the last one to leave from work. Each piece of information is carefully written and considered, and every call is made to try to be the best.

Over time, the result of these is that among the young people who joined the company together, Lao Zhang particularly appreciated Xiao Chen, often giving him pointers in business, from writing a contract, to dealing with customers.

In addition, Lao Zhang also vaguely explained to him some of the company’s interpersonal relationships to avoid Xiao Chen accidentally getting involved in the “factional” struggle.

  Xiao Chen lamented: ginger is still old and spicy!

If one’s self-reliance is big and he doesn’t want to take every little thing seriously, and don’t put old employees in his eyes, then the bad luck is probably himself!

  Case study: In each company, there are old employees like Lao Zhang, who are relatively infiltrated at the age, loyal to the company, do things seriously, be strict with the discipline and self, and strive to be perfect.

Such people have high expectations for new employees who have just joined the company. They hope that new employees can bring new life and vitality to the company. When new employees cannot meet their requirements, they often “hate iron and steel.”

  Workplace skills: If you want to get the goodwill of this old employee, you don’t need to flatter, you don’t need to be close, you just have to do your own job professionally!

  Case 2 against sharp-pointed old employees: Wu Ligang just joined this company and found that Miss Wang, who is in charge of logistics, is about the same age as her, only a few years old, but with sharp-pointed teeth, it is difficult to get along.

Miss Wang is responsible for dispatching the car. Whenever the staff of each department wants to go out to work, she must accompany her with a smile.

At first, Wu Li couldn’t get used to Miss Wang’s behavior and thought: This is her own job. Why is her toe high?

  However, witnessing that some young and energetic colleagues who had the same thoughts as her “fall off the horse” in front of Miss Wang, Wu Li realized that it is impossible to change the environment. You can only adapt to the environment.

  Therefore, after Wu Li booked a car with Miss Wang, she did not immediately put down the phone like other people, but chatted with her on the phone. After work, she went to the office to talk to Miss Wang for gossip, and lamented the hard work of logisticsSpeaking of clothing, shopping, etc., the two were even more “mind-like” . Slowly, Wu Li and Miss Wang were familiar with each other and talked about their work, pouring out their own hardships.

They became good friends, and Wu Li never had to worry about such trivial things as booking a car.

Ms. Wang has spent more time in the company. She often expresses her opinions on some issues encountered by Wu Li, and discusses whether the other party’s handling is proper, which has benefited Wu Li, who has just arrived.

  Wu Li thought: When you come to a stranger city, you can make a good friend and get a friendship, which is also lucky.

The “Huairou” policy adopted by old employees like Miss Wang at the time seems to be right!

  Case study: Your company may have such veteran employees, who are usually women, who have developed a shrewd style in tight-paced jobs.

They do not want to embarrass their colleagues. In many cases, things are wrong, but dealing with them is definitely not an easy task.

Such professional women, in fact, are lonely inside and long for friendship.

  Workplace Skills: For this type of “tooth-tip and sharp-edged” type, if you can timely form your own “friendship hand” and take the initiative to communicate, then congratulations, you must be able to obtain their friendship in a highly competitive society!
  Case 3 against talented veteran employees: After graduation, Aru worked in an advertising company.

Aru studied graphic design at the university. Before entering the company, she was full of ambition and was ready to show her strengths in this company.

  After coming to the company, Aru found out that there is a lot of talent here.

In the design department where she works, everyone is proficient in the Three Musketeers of the Internet, Flash, and is about to make film and television. By reference, her knowledge is too poor.

One of them is Jiang Fei, who is a master among them. Not only the design level is superhuman, but also the new ideas and good ideas are brilliant.

He dismissed Aru, a fledgling girl, thinking that she had just learned a bit of fur in school, “talking on paper”.Although Aru admired Jiang Fei’s ability, she could obviously feel the contempt she felt.

She made a secret decision: must do a good job, let Jiang Fei, an old employee, recognize this newcomer!

  Aru humbly asks everyone for advice in her work, captures every little detail in life, enhances practical skills, plus her four-year solid foundation in college. A few months have passed, and she soon became a new recruiting employeeThe best, sometimes even experienced veteran employees did not expect, but Aru, a newcomer, thought of it.

Over time, Jiang Fei’s attitude towards Aru also changed, and he also respected some of Aru’s attention. Everyone discussed together to get the best advertising design plan.

  Aru successfully established a foothold in this advertising company, and also made those experienced veteran employees impressed.

Aru said to herself: In this company around the strong, only by proving their strength and being humble in their interactions with colleagues, can they stand out among these talented old employees!

  Case study: In a company with many talents, there are often several people who are the core strength. Such people may not have a high degree of education or may be young, but they are impeccable at work and are the backbone of the company.

However, this has also led them to be arrogant and arrogant, and they have a natural “discrimination” against newly graduated college students. They believe that education and ability cannot be equal.

  Workplace skills: In the face of this invisible competition, new employees should not be sloppy, ask questions and be ignorant, but survive under pressure, rise up, and speak with facts.

When you can compete with them through your own efforts, you will find that not only do people get along well, you also win their respect!

  Case 4 of “Elderly Sales and Old Sales”: Fang Yunmei came to a famous state-owned enterprise.

After adjusting the work, she already has a general understanding of the company’s colleagues and gets along well with most of them.

One of my colleagues is Sister Lu, an old employee of the company, who talks and laughs with other colleagues, but the other person is not cold or hot.

  One morning, an event plan was finalized, and everyone gathered to look at the plan, discuss possible problems, and modify the plan.

Fang Yunmei found that one of the replacements was a bit problematic. On the side: “This event is sponsored by the manufacturer. Would it be better for them to put it first?

“Others haven’t spoken yet. Sister Lu is unhappy and thinks,” The original activity did the same. What’s the problem? ”

Our company has done enough activities like this, and you haven’t been here long, maybe you don’t know much about it!

Sister Lu is responsible for event planning.

  Listening to Sister Lu’s uncomfortable reply, Fang Yunmei felt a little aggrieved.

Even if she entered the company earlier than her own and worked long hours, she could not “rely on the old and sell the old” and not accept the opinions of others!

Fang Yunmei resisted the dissatisfaction in her heart and continued, “The manufacturers have paid for it, and letting them meet the audience before the event can deepen their impression in everyone’s minds. Besides, it is also a respect to them.

Fang Yunmei said calmly, and finally, Sister Lu stopped talking.

  A few days later, the event plan was approved.

Fang Yunmei looked at her suggestion.

She found Sister Lu and said, “Thank you for following my advice, Sister Lu!

I have to ask for more guidance in the future!

Sister Lu gave her a rare smile: “Thank you!

Everyone is working.

You have a good idea, so keep working hard!

“Case study: There are not many old employees like Sister Lu in the company.

They think they are old and have worked hard with the company. They have experienced many things. They are “authorities” in some aspects and it is not easy to accept the opinions of others.

In particular, newcomers like Fang Yunmei are not considered, and they think that they have less experience, are young and impulsive, and cannot be entrusted with heavy tasks.

  Workplace skills: When encountering this kind of “relying on the old and selling the old” type of employees, you must not bow your head to “compromise”, only Vino, then he will look down on you even more.

What you have to do is to justify it, and then to understand it.

Finally remember: to ask them with an open mind afterwards, sincere thanks, just like Fang Yunmei, give this old employee a step down!

  Countless facts tell us: these old employees are not difficult to get along with, just to find their “acupoints”. Newly born calves can also get along quickly and adapt to the environment.