Develop these 5 good habits, longevity is close to you, and people over the age of 85 basically have

Develop these 5 good habits, longevity is close to you, and people over the age of 85 basically have

Develop these five habits of life, longevity is approaching you, the elderly over 85 years old are basically born in 70 years old, now 80 years old, 90-year-old old people are there, in addition to medical progress, I thinkMore is the improvement of people’s living standards, the improvement of the quality of life, and the improvement of health awareness.
Especially for the elderly, who are over 85 years old, there is basically nothing to do. Everyday consideration is about what to eat, what to drink, when to eat, etc. Maybe they don’t know what science is, but they are practitioners of health science.Is the standard for testing science.
Maybe their eating habits can give me some longevity.
The 85-year-old man has these eating habits and exposes the secret of longevity. You don’t have to know the habits. The most obvious feature of eating slowly is the 鈥渟low鈥? Maybe you will say that it’s the old man’s bad mouth.In fact, you are wrong. Everyone has experience in eating. Many people simply swallow it without chewing, so this is not a good problem, but full chewing can help the saliva in the mouth to help break down the food and help digestion.At the same time, it can increase the lubricity of the food, and after entering the esophagus, the burden can be greatly reduced.
At the same time, chewing slowly also reflects the peace of mind of the elderly, not rushing, but also beneficial to physical and mental health.
Habit 2, a light diet interview with several 85-year-olds, they all said that they do not dare to eat more meat, because eating too much is not good stool, constipation is very uncomfortable, even if you sometimes want to eat is just try the taste, mostlyThe vegetables taste good, the diet is light and the whole body feels comfortable, and the stool is very smooth.
Habit 3, control appetite, several elderly people said that often the appetite is particularly good, the mouth is also particularly want to eat, but do not dare to eat more, because the mouth is comfortable, the stomach is uncomfortable, bloating is uncomfortable, especially at night,It is not good to sleep.
So every time you eat seven or eight full.
Habit 4, do not smoke in the countryside, elderly women smoke is very common, although they do not smoke when they are young, but once they are old, they like to smoke, I seem to be mainly lonely, need to accompany, and youngIt is not needed.
When men are mostly young, they have the habit of smoking. When they are young, they are less likely to smoke. Especially after the old age, many people say that smoking is actually uncomfortable, especially sometimes they can’t breathe.Most people stop smoking when they are 85 years old.
Habit 5, drinking water sooner or later, once you enter the old age, it seems to be particularly cherished, the most direct performance is to drink water, often hear the old man say “drink a glass of water, go to sleep”, basically drink a glass of water before going to bed,I have to drink a glass of water in the morning, and I don’t know where they know the health knowledge.
According to experts, the elderly do not drink water at night, plasma concentration, blood viscosity, etc., so drinking water before going to bed is very healthy.
When the elderly sleep at night, due to urination, sweating, breathing, the body is relatively short of water.
Drinking a glass of water after getting up can make the blood circulation healthy, keep the gastrointestinal tract clean, improve immunity, etc., so it is also very healthy.
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