Massage 3 points to treat indigestion

Massage 3 points to treat indigestion

[Introduction]At present, the appetite is not good, and there are many people with indigestion. If the appetite is poor for a long time, the overall physical fitness will be greatly affected, and the chronic accumulation of chronic diseases may result.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that acupoint massage is often used to improve stomach health, such as strengthening the stomach and digesting food, and accumulating stagnation.

  Sometimes my stomach is uncomfortable and I have no medicine at home when I have indigestion.

It does not endanger the health acupuncture points that have the effect of strengthening the stomach and digesting food. It is green and does not cost money. Why not do it?

So, which acupuncture points are you going to massage?

According to traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture points such as diarrhea, Zusanli, and four seams are called Jianweixiaoshi tablets in acupoints.

It’s easy to use, and everyone can learn.

  People with a bad appetite massage these acupoints separately, do it once or twice a day, and stick to it, the appetite will gradually improve.

If the problem of indigestion is particularly serious, and there are problems such as stomach pain, vomiting, diarrhea, etc., you can find an acupuncture doctor to help you get acupuncture points in these points, and the results are immediate.

Let’s take a look at the health effects of these points.

  The spleen and stomach of the Zusanli acupoint is the foundation of the day after tomorrow. Zusanli is a Ganoderma lucidum plant in the human body. With it, it can cure almost all diseases.

Zusanli is the acupuncture point of Weiyangming stomach meridian, which has a two-way benign regulation effect on the digestive system, such as diarrhea, massage can stop diarrhea, and constipation, massage can laxative.

There is a saying in our Chinese medicine called “belly belly three miles stay”, which roughly means digestion and digestion problems, which can be cured with Zusanli.

The method of nourishing the stomach and protecting the stomach and tying the needle is effective, and the other methods such as massage and scraping are also effective.

  Four slits Four slits are singular acupoints through the outer space, which are special points for eliminating food and stasis.

Four seams were originally used by doctors to treat pediatric digestive problems, and later it was confirmed that the use of four seams by adults is also very effective.

So as long as you encounter indigestion in the future, you can find four stitches to solve it. Massage is fine. It is best to press firmly with your thumb. The effect is amazing.

  Xiayu acupuncture point on the abdomen, close to the spleen and stomach.

In Chinese medicine, there is a principle of selecting acupoints, which is called “expanding acupoints,” which is to select acupuncture points around and near the patient’s part.

This method of acupoint selection has proven to be very effective.

The chancre and the inner court are matched, which can clear the stomach and dispel fire, and eliminate digestion and accumulation.

  With the above points plus upper Juxu, lower Juxu and Weizhong, the effect of treating diarrhea is very good.

The upper giant deficiency belongs to the large intestine meridian, and the lower giant deficiency belongs to the small intestinal meridian. The two acupuncture points are used together and the antidiarrheal function is very good.

Zhongzhong is a special acupoint for treating diarrhea.

During diarrhea, only the upper virtual deficiency can be massaged, and the lower virtual deficiency and the middle can achieve very good results.

  In short, for daily stomach and digestion, use the above points.

Can they be massaged separately, each point is massaged 3?
5 minutes, you can do it when you are free. If you persist for a long time, your appetite will get better without knowing it.