Do whatever you want, don’t do it to others


Do whatever you want, don’t do it to others

Both Chinese and foreign sages teach us: “Do not do what you want.

“This is for us to compare our hearts to the heart, not to regard ourselves as evil, pain, and disaster.”

However, this is only one aspect of the matter.

銆€銆€At the same time, can you impose good, happy, and happy things on your own?

If others do not think that they are good, happy, and happy, do you not be a serious violation of others?

In real life, more disputes do arise from forcing others to accept their own tastes, opinions, positions, and so on.

As far as the issue of faith is concerned, I try to unify the world with some kind of doctrine I believe in, even at this time.

As small as in the way of thinking, in the habits of life, in the appreciation of art, in literary criticism, it is easy for people to do what they are and to reject others.

Even within a family, the struggle between couples to transform the taste of each other is not uncommon.

銆€銆€This aspect of the matter is often removed.

People seem to think that it is obvious evil to do not want to apply to others. The starting point is to harm people; the motivation to apply to others is good, to help people, to save people, to benefit people.

As everyone knows, in the history of mankind, the suffering of the world conquerors who lived in the Savior is far more than ordinary gangsters.

銆€銆€We should remember that what we want is not necessarily what people want, nor can we apply to others.

If you say “do what you don’t want, don’t do it to others” is the minimum moral character of a civilized person. It opposes the intentional harm to others, claiming that you live and let others live. Then, “do whatever you want, don’t do it to others.””It is a high-level cultivation of a civilized person. It respects the independent personality and spiritual freedom of others. Boots encourage themselves to live their own way, and let others live in the way of others.”