Teach you to use a hair dryer to strengthen your cervical spine

Teach you to use a hair dryer to strengthen your cervical spine

Use a hair dryer to blow hot air toward the area where health care is needed. The distance is also hot, but the skin can be appropriate. Blowing while exercising, the health care effect is obvious.

  She has been suffering from cervical spondylosis for more than ten years. She usually has two or three times a year. She was diagnosed as a cervical degenerative disease by B-ultrasound and CT radiography. She was diagnosed with cervical spine compression, nerve dizziness and vomiting., Massage, taking medicine.

  It will take a week or two to get better.

The doctor advises the patient to perform a cervical spine operation, but there are certain risks.

The patient is also afraid.

The patient also has lumbar hypertrophy. If he is not careful, the waist will not move and he will send it several times a year.

  Four years ago, I retired, and by chance I thought of the thermotherapy method used in the hospital. I tried to use the hair dryer in my home. The distance is based on the heat that the skin can carry. I blow slowly against the head and neck, and rotate the neck while blowing, Trying to turn up and down, left and right, about 5 minutes.

Then use a hair dryer to blow on the back of the waist. The distance is also hot, but the skin can be appropriate. Rotate the waist while blowing, use the body as the axis, rotate the waist 360 degrees, first turn and then reverse, and then doIt also takes 5 minutes to lean forward and bend backward.

Finally, rub the abdomen, blow with a hair dryer in the direction of your belly button, hold the hair dryer in one hand, and use your palm to center the liver and umbilical cord, and use a little force to rotate the massage, then change hands, and then massage in the opposite direction.5 minutes.
These three parts add up to about a quarter of an hour, and the time can be long or short, but you must insist on it every day.

  In this way, the patient insisted on massaging for a quarter of an hour after getting up every morning. For the remaining four years or more, the cervical and lumbar spine did not occur once.

It turned out that the stool was not normal. Sometimes the stool was two or three times a day, sometimes only once every two days. After insisting on abdominal massage, the stool was basically normal.

  Here I introduce this method to everyone. After testing, some relatives and friends all say that it has a certain effect.