Humidifier does not clean frequently to induce acute


Humidifier does not clean frequently to induce acute

In the cold weather, the temperature continued to fall, and many citizens stayed indoors without leaving their homes.

It was learned from the Department of Respiratory Medicine of the First Hospital of Nanjing that more than 10 patients with acute exacerbations have been consecutively treated since this week. After careful consultation, they found that they are basically warmed to avoid indoor dryness. They use humidifiers to humidify them all day.It was not caused by timely cleaning.

銆€銆€The 67-year-old Grandpa Ge is usually in poor health. The old slow-moving branch has been 5 years old. The cold weather is not leaving the house. The humidifier is basically open 24 hours. Recently, Grandpa Ge often coughs at night, sometimes affecting sleep.The wife did not feel eager to come to the hospital, after the diagnosis of acute attack, after careful consultation, I found that the humidifier of Grandpa Ge did not clean this year.

Once the source is found, it is easy to start a treatment plan.

銆€銆€The Deputy Chief Physician of the Department of Respiratory, Maoshan, told the reporter that the number of patients who came to see a doctor since the operation of the hospital increased significantly, and the recurrence of the old disease accounted for 60%.

These patients have various causes of illness, some are suffering from cold wind stimulation, some are improper diet, and too many are caused by the uncle of Ge, because the humidifier is used too much, and the cleaning is not timely.

There have been dozens of this week since the unclean humidifier caused acceleration, and yesterday came five times.

銆€銆€Deputy Director Mao Shan said that if the humidifier is not regularly cleaned, the microbe-transformed aerosol such as mold spreads into the air and then enters the human respiratory tract, which is easy to induce.

Every winter, people in the winter do not promptly cause various respiratory diseases due to the humidifier cleaning.

銆€銆€Therefore, it is recommended that you clean the humidifier once a week.

In addition, the use of humidifiers in autumn and winter to increase indoor humidity can improve the body’s disease resistance, but the humidifier is not easy to open.

If the air humidity is too high, more than 90%, the human respiratory system and mucous membranes are bad, resulting in decreased immunity.