Improve management time and reduce pressure by half


Improve management time and reduce pressure by half

The mood and environment of work have a profound impact on health.

According to a recent national survey by the American office workers, nearly half of office workers believe that work is the most important source of stress in life, and 45% of those who regularly work overtime.

If you can’t reduce the workload because of real needs, another solution is to manage your day and reduce stress.


What do you usually do before going to work every day in the morning?

銆€銆€One study found that your work stress is often related to the first thing you do in the morning.

If you often get up early in the morning to work at home on the frustrated family, or in a hurry to conflict with people, I am afraid that the work stress index has jumped up again.

銆€銆€Experts suggest that you give yourself a different morning, do a segmentation exercise or meditation, or take a few deep breaths while commuting.

Going to work with a calm mood, it will be more patience to deal with things.


Don’t be in a vacuum, stressful work is easy to breed isolated helplessness. Psychologists focus on long-term laissez-faire in a work environment such as a sterile room. The pressure to export can be swallowed up a little bit.

Dr. Mai Siqing suggested that if you use your lunch or find a colleague after work, you should be 鈥渧ery easy to get frustrated鈥?and find a problem and a source of stress before you find a solution.

If necessary, you can tell the supervisor that the pressure you have already affected has affected the morale of the work and replaced it.


The working environment is a great way to look around the seats, is it making you feel comfortable or worse?

A good working environment is one of the sources of vitality that both reduces stress and helps health.

銆€銆€what can you do?


Finishing the table to clear the files piled up on the table, the information in the file is quickly returned, and the messy office will have a messy heart.


Some people will adjust to the work area from time to time, adding extra pressure, you can turn the table to face the entrance, or hang the mirror next to the table, so you can see clearly who is coming towards you.
銆€銆€Or put the table against the wall to stabilize the mood.


Looking for natural light fluorescent lamps is actually not good for work.

The best illumination for the human body is natural light, but indoor natural light can not provide sufficient illumination, and does not hinder the installation of light bulb-type table lamps. This kind of light bulb that looks like natural light is good for sight or emotion.


A nap study confirmed that nap can relax and relieve stress.

Expert research has found that many bosses even design a space for employees to take a nap.

He suggested that it takes 15-30 minutes (not more than 30 minutes, otherwise it will go deep sleep, wake up and feel more tired). Take a nap and work better in the afternoon.


Dare to take a vacation, some people are afraid to take a vacation, worry about the work can not finish, want to seek better performance to deepen the boss’s impression.

In fact, vacation is a good time to relieve stress and enhance creativity.

Cherish the right to vacation and improve the long-lost family relationship.

Returning from vacation, you will be full of strength.