Winter health lies in nourishing the kidney and preventing cold

Winter health lies in “nourishing the kidney and preventing cold”

Withered trees and frozen insects in winter March are the seasons when all things in nature are hidden, and human yang should also be hidden inside.
Therefore, the basic principles of winter health should also be “Tibetan”.
After the yang of the human body is closed, the metabolism of the human body is correspondingly low, so it is necessary to rely on the driving force of life-“kidney” to play a role in order to ensure that life activities adapt to changes in nature.
In winter, when kidney function is normal, the body can be adjusted to the changes in severe winter, otherwise, it will cause metabolic disorders and diseases.
Therefore, a very important point of health in winter is “to nourish the kidneys and prevent cold”. The following points are the main points for implementing this principle.
  Spiritual recuperation: In addition to attaching importance to maintaining spiritual quietness, you must also learn to adjust bad emotions in time when God is hiding in it. When in a state of tension, excitement, anxiety, depression, etc., you should restore psychological calm as soon as possible.
At the same time, seasonal affective disorders should be prevented during the winter.
The so-called seasonal affective disorder refers to the phenomenon that some people are prone to emotional depression, laziness, lethargy, and drowsiness in winter and appear year after year.
This phenomenon is more common in young people, especially women.
The preventive method is to bask in the sun to prolong the light time, which is a natural remedy for the mood.
  Dietary nutrition: The basic principle of dietary health in winter should be based on “storing calories”. Therefore, foods that should be eaten in winter include lamb, dog, goose, duck, radish, walnuts, chestnuts, sweet potatoes and so on.
At the same time, we must also follow the principle of “eat less salty and eat more bitterness”: winter is when the kidney is strong, and the kidneys are salty, and the heart is bitter. When the salty taste is eaten too much, the kidney water that is already too highIncreased, thereby weakening the power of Xinyang.
Therefore, you should eat more bitter foods to help Xin Yang.
Winter food should not stick to hard, cold food, because this kind of food is “drink”, easy to damage the spleen and stomach yang.
  Living Health: The Yellow Emperor’s Canon of Internal Medicine states: “Look up early and stay up late, wait for daylight.
“It means to go to bed early and get up late in winter, and it is best to get up after the sun comes out (especially for the elderly).
The following points should be paid attention to when living in winter: First, the “clothing climate” should be mentioned when dressing, which means that the temperature between the inner layer of the clothing and the skin should always be maintained at 32 ° C to 33 ° C. This ideal “clothing climate” can bufferInvasion of the human body by cold weather outside.
Secondly, we must pay attention to keeping feet warm.
Because the foot is farthest from the heart, the blood supply is low and slow, so the skin temperature of the foot is the lowest.
Chinese medicine believes that cold feet will inevitably affect the internal organs, which can lead to diarrhea, irregular menstruation, impotence, low back pain and other diseases.
Third, regular window ventilation in winter is good for your health.
Fourth, it is not advisable to cover your head with sleep.
It is best to cover your head with sleep in winter to cause hypoxia and shortness of breath.
Fifth, avoid urination at night.
Due to the long winter nights, prolonged urination will cause toxic substances to accumulate and cause cystitis and urethritis.
  Exercise and physical fitness: As the saying goes: “A winter move, one less sick; winter lazy, lazy, drink a bowl of medicine.
“Facts prove that more participation in outdoor activities in winter will cause the body to receive appropriate cold stimulation, which can speed up the heart beat, deepen breathing, strengthen the metabolism in the body, increase the heat generated by the body, and be beneficial to health.