Whitening effect of Poria

Whitening effect of Poria

Taoists and health-preserving families of all ages have a deep affection for Fuling.

“Shen Nong’s Materia Medica” records: “Jiufu calms the soul and keeps the soul, and does not thirst for years.

In Wei and Jin, taking Fuling for growth brought about a social trend. After Tao Hongjing, a Taoist medical doctor at the time, resigned and resigned, Emperor Liang Wu gave him five pounds of Poria and two pounds of white honey for his food every day.

It can be seen that Fuling has been preset with amazingly precious gods that prolong life.

In the Tang and Song dynasties, this trend became more and more fierce. Su Dongpo, a great writer in the Song Dynasty, was an expert at making Poria cake.

In his book “Dongpo Miscellaneous Notes”, he described the method of making Poria cake and the benefits of taking it.

Su Dongpo’s life was bumpy. By the time he was sixty years old, he could still maintain a good memory and a strong physique. It should be related to the fact that he took Fuling cake all year round.

In the Qing Dynasty, Poria was the most important medicine for health preservation. Among the Empress Dowager Cixi’s health supplements, Poria was the most frequently used.

She often makes the royal dining room to make the Poria cake reward minister.

The cake became more and more refined, became a palace famous point, and later flowed into the people, becoming a special product of Beijing. It is delicious and delicious, and it can eliminate diseases and prolong life.

  Eliminate edema, urinate, drink Poria tea. I used to have a female student who had obvious morning edema. If she was in class in the morning, she would often have swollen eyes and a larger face than usual.

Before class, she often had a cup of coffee. I asked her more often: “Don’t you often say that you have a bad stomach, why do you still drink coffee?

She replied: “In order to reduce swelling, I fell in love with the toilet after drinking coffee, and the edema on my face disappeared quickly.

“I asked her not to drink too much water in the evening, and not to eat fruit with a lot of water. I also told her to drink it with Poria, the so-called Poria tea, instead of coffee.

  Poria is an essential medicine for diuresis and dampness, and it is gentle in nature, and does not hurt righteousness.

Therefore, urination is not good, and edema can be used for conditioning.

The more classic formula is Wulingsan, which is recorded in many medical books, including Zhuling, Zexie, Atractylodes, Poria, Guizhi.

However, this method is not very suitable as home health care, because according to different symptoms, the longevity of the coronary heart disease patients need to add and subtract scores and weights. It is not easy for ordinary people to grasp, so if you just want to facilitate urination and edema,You can drink 10 grams of Poria Tea daily, 1 dose per day.

If you are not afraid of trouble, you can also drink soup.

  Poria cream, which makes the skin fair and white. Poria has beauty effects. The ancients have long found that it can remove melanin and make the dull dark and dark complexion fair. According to “Experience”, if you take Poria for a hundred days, you can moisturize your skin., Resistant to old age.

It can also be used externally in addition to taking it internally. The ancients used it similarly to the mask we use today. Mix white honey and Poria powder and apply it on the face. You can see improvement after seven days. If you want to increase the effect of freckle, you can add some white cream.The three white creams that are completed with Baijimo are applied as a mask at night. They have the dual effect of whitening and freckle removal. Women who love beauty can try it.

In the Korean TV drama “Dae Jang Geum”, which has been hit a few years ago, when Jang Geum first entered the palace, the maiden who was taller than her would often make it difficult for her to let Jang Geum apply their face for beauty. At that time, Jang GeumI said a cosmetic remedy that uses white Poria, wormwood, mulberry ash, raspberry and other similar drugs as a cosmetic remedy. After using this remedy, the maids became white and moist, and the acne on the skin disappeared.It really has a good cosmetic effect.

  ”Dream of Red Mansions” also caused an injustice caused by Fuling cream. The book said that Fuling cream was a fine powder for nothing. What is so precious about it?

Earlier we knew that Poria has a strong nourishing effect on the human body, and Poria is a fresh powder of Poria, which is a cream-like crystalline substance left after dehydration and air-drying, which is all the essence of Poria, so its nourishing ability is even stronger.
We can make Poria Pomodora at home, prepare 100 grams of white Poria, 50 grams of fresh milk, and appropriate amount of honey.

Lay a clean gauze on the cage drawer, put white poria on the gauze, steam for 40 minutes under water, then put the steamed poria on the blender, then pour the milk into it, cover with a piece, start stirring, keepWhen you don’t see any visible particles, just push it out.

Then pour it into a casserole and boil over high heat. Once the pan is opened, just cool it, add some honey, and the Poria Cream is ready. Eat a little every day, it can calm the stomach, delay aging, and beauty.

  In addition to improving water and beauty, Poria also has soothing, antiemetic, and stomach functions.

Although Poria is good, it is not suitable for people who have qi deficiency, depression, and coldness, and do not use it together with rice vinegar when taking Poria.