Summer beauty fruits and vegetables, its beauty effect


Summer beauty fruits and vegetables, its beauty effect

Tomatoes, the western beauty industry highly respects the beauty of tomatoes.

Add a cup of tomato juice daily with a proper amount of cod liver oil to make your face ruddy and plump.

Wash your face often with tomato juice to make your skin cleaner and more radiant.

銆€銆€Watermelon wipes the leftover watermelon skin and rubs it on the face for several days. The exposed skin is well maintained.

銆€銆€Loofah with loofah juice and the same amount of honey and evenly wipe the face, washed with water, there is the effect of skin rejuvenation.

銆€銆€Papaya often eat papaya can lose weight and lose weight.

銆€銆€Cucumber and cucumber contain vitamin B1, B2 and E as well as protein, carotene and other ingredients.

Good for dry, wrinkled skin.

Cucumber also contains propanol diacid, which inhibits the conversion of sugars into small amounts and helps to lose weight.

銆€銆€Winter melon winter melon is also a good weight loss product, low fat, low sodium, diuretic, it can block the capillary to accidental transformation.

Melon peeled and sliced, with the right amount of wine, water boiled, add white honey after the filter juice.
5 minutes into a cream, often coated with this cream, in addition to facial dark spots, make the skin white as jade.

銆€銆€The potatoes are cut into pieces of raw potatoes and placed on the eyes to remove the dark halo around the eyes.

If there are stains on the nails, you can wipe the potato juice and let the potato juice pass on the nails for one night and wash it off the next morning.

銆€銆€Bitter gourd will be smashed with fresh bitter gourd and mixed with a proper amount of borax to rub the affected area to treat sweat spots.

銆€銆€One banana banana, one teaspoon of honey, about 20 drops of lemon juice, and blended into a pulp.

Wash the face first, heat the towel, make the pores open, use the cosmetic pulp to rub the face and parts, wash off with water after a few minutes, can moisturize dry skin and play a skin care role.