Do not rush to exercise


Do not rush to exercise

There are too many people who choose to participate in sports to resolve unpleasant feelings only when they are under pressure in their work and have troubles in their lives.

Just like the pressure cooker, the pressure does not reach a certain level, the pressure valve will not be bounced, and the pressure will not be released.

These people are aptly called “pressure cookers”. Participating in sports under the pressure of great pressure can not alleviate the pressure, but it will lead to mental stress and alternating physical fatigue. Therefore, “pressure cookers” don’t rush to participate in sports.

銆€銆€This is because people take too much pressure and bad emotions to participate in sports. Because of the confusion of thoughts, they attract attention and are prone to accidents such as sports injuries.

In order to rush to eliminate bad emotions, participants often deliberately choose sports with large amounts of water droplets in an attempt to release all stress and bad emotions by sweating, but this intense and large amount of exercise can cause physical fatigue.And it will make nervous nerves more nervous.

This will not relieve stress at all, and it will make bad mood worse.

銆€銆€Sports can be decompressed because exercise can cause the body to produce a lung peptide hormone called “happy factor”. This hormone can please the nerves, regulate the mind, and make people feel happy and satisfied.

Therefore, people should develop the habit of participating in sports every day, so that the pressure of the day will be resolved on the same day.

Don’t wait until the pressure is unbearable before going to exercise to relieve stress.

銆€銆€In addition, as a “pressure cooker”, when choosing a sports mode, you must first concentrate on it so as to avoid injury.

Therefore, you can choose the sports you like and enjoy, so that you can produce positive physiological effects, stepping on tennis, badminton, Tai Chi, aerobics, etc.

銆€銆€Simple gradient gymnastics can not only refresh the mind, but also concentrate the muscles, and can relax the muscles, especially the size of the static subdivision operation.

Static axial refers to the activity of muscles, tendons and ligaments at each joint or multiple joints, each with a duration of 20?
For 30 seconds, the joints can be separated from top to bottom or bottom to top in all parts of the body.