What are the contraindications for children with bronchial pneumonia?


What are the contraindications for children with bronchial pneumonia?

Pediatric bronchopneumonia is a multi-infected disease in children under 2 years old. It usually shows cough, shortness of breath and difficulty in breathing. If the baby has bronchial pneumonia, unless the treatment is given, the parents should also do daily care. The adjuvant treatment with diet can do more with less.What I am going to talk about today is the introduction of dietary contraindications for children with bronchial pneumonia.

Children with bronchial pneumonia diet taboo 1, avoid cold food.

“Formation of cold and cold is the injury to the lungs”, that is to say, once the body is cold, drinking cold and cold products, causing injury to the human lungs.

If the diet is too cold during illness, it is easy to cause lung occlusion, the symptoms are aggravated, and it will not heal for a long time; 3, avoid fish, shrimp and crab.

Most people know that coughing needs to avoid “hair”, it is not appropriate to eat fish gills, and fish gills have the greatest impact on “wind and heat cough.”

Coughing increases coughing after eating fish gizzards, which is associated with astringent irritations of the respiratory tract and protein allergies to fish and shrimp foods.

Children who are allergic to certain fish and eggs should pay more attention to it. Among them, white carp and mullet have the greatest influence.

4, avoid sweet and sour food.

The sour food is often convulsive, making it difficult to cough up, which aggravates the condition and makes the cough difficult.

When coughing is serious, apples, bananas, oranges, grapes, etc. should not be eaten. Eating sweets will also help the heat, making inflammation difficult to cure; 5, avoid eating oranges.

Many people think that oranges are cough and phlegm, so they have to eat more oranges.

In fact, the orange peel does have the effect of relieving cough and phlegm, but the orange meat is hot and raw.

And children can not eat orange meat only eat orange peel; 6, avoid eating peanuts, melon seeds, chocolate and so on.

The above foods contain high levels of cholesterol, which tend to breed sputum after eating, which makes the disease worse; 7, avoid supplements.

Too many parents take some supplements for children with weak constitution, but the child should stop taking supplements when they are not cured, so as not to make the disease difficult.

Tips: Neonatal pneumonia is the most common type of severe respiratory disease in the neonatal period. If it is not treated in time, it can easily cause respiratory failure, heart failure, sepsis and even death.

Therefore, once the baby is found to be abnormal, it is best to seek medical treatment in time to avoid delays and optimal treatment time.