Walking: a way to keep fit

Walking: a way to keep fit

First of all, when talking about exercise, everyone can find excuses for laziness, of which “busy” and “no time” are the most common reasons.

However, walking is one of the best sports widely recognized by the medical community, and walking 4,000 steps a day, the amount of exercise per day is basically enough.

  Experts also pointed out that everyone need not be intimidated by the “4,000 steps”, because housework such as cooking, washing, and sweeping can actually be converted into “a thousand steps of exercise.”

It can be seen that even if you are too busy to go to the gym, nothing to do at home is actually doing sports.

  Washing and cooking can be converted into exercise. Kong Lingzhi, deputy director of the Disease Control Bureau of the Ministry of Health, explained at the inaugural meeting of the China Health Communication Ambassador Alliance that “every day goes by” is a health goal that many people know.First of all, we need to understand the concept of “a thousand steps of exercise”.

“1,000 steps” is a unit of what we call exercise, which is equivalent to walking 1,000 steps (about 10 minutes) at 4 feet per hour.

  ”1,000 steps of exercise” is not a clever concept. It can be transformed into a convenient and practical “ruler” to measure the amount of exercise performed within a certain activity.

This is the first step of the fitness exercise proposed by the National Healthy Lifestyle Movement-a thousand steps.

  With a unified unit as the foundation, to achieve the goal of “every day and ten thousand steps”, no longer walking continuously, and even some activities that are not considered as sports can be converted into several “1,000” by this.Step activity. ”

According to their own time schedule and living habits, people can gradually calculate daily activities such as daily work, work, travel, and sports, and calculate how many “1,000 steps of exercise” they have each day.

  For example, walking at a medium pace (4 minutes / hour) for ten minutes is equivalent to completing 1,000 steps of activity, while walking at a slow speed (3 minutes / hour) on a horizontal hard surface takes 20 minutes to complete1 thousand steps of exercise.

In addition, cycling at a speed of more than 16 mm per hour for 4 minutes can also complete 1,000 steps of exercise.

After experiencing yoga that is welcomed by white-collar workers, aerobics only need to practice 7 minutes and 6 minutes to achieve the effect of 1,000 steps.

  Household chores such as washing dishes, ironing clothes, cooking, sweeping the floor, and watching children are often considered to take up exercise time.

What makes parents and mothers entangled in housework happy is that now they can use this “ruler” to replace housework with daily exercise through simple conversion.

Sweeping the floor for 8 minutes and cooking for 13 minutes is equivalent to walking for 1,000 steps.

  No longer afraid of food temptations. Studies have shown that 90% of people with normal BMI body mass index need only take one or two mouthfuls a day (about 40 grams of rice or 5 grams of cooking oil) to prevent the development of overweight.

A healthy lifestyle is not a life of indifference.

When we ingest high-energy and high-fat foods, we can achieve a “happy life and a balanced diet” through self-transformation of energy intake and exercise volume.

  Static electricity per 100 kcal requires 2.

4 thousand steps can make up.

For example, a crispy cone has about 139 kcal of energy.

If you want to offset this energy, you need to complete about 3.

8 thousand steps activity.

You can choose to consume energy by walking at medium speeds, washing dishes, mopping the floor, or playing table tennis.

  ”Daily walks and ten thousand steps” need to be step-by-step. For people who do not have exercise habits or are physically weak, they don’t have to force themselves to complete 10,000 steps of exercise every day.

For the average person, as long as they stick to the lifestyle of 4,000 steps a day, they can effectively promote health.

On this basis, step by step, “every day in a thousand steps” is the highest level goal, not the only choice.

  However, each activity should be more than 1,000 steps. I feel that my heartbeat and breathing speed up. I can speak continuously through the rhythm of my breathing, but I ca n’t sing so that I can be regarded as “effective” exercise volume and gradually enter the “exercise account” of the day.
This is also the third and fourth step of active fitness-step by step, feeling strong.