Three small ways to test hair health

Three small ways to test hair health

Gloss, tenacity, and smoothness are the three criteria for evaluating healthy hair.

The following three small tests are simple and easy to teach. You can know at home that your hair is in the reset state, and easily find the countermeasures to repair your hair’s bad mood.

  Three thousand troubled silks. Hair care is always inevitable. Hair with gloss, strong, smooth hair looks more difficult than having good skin.

  Do n’t forget, it ‘s a woman ‘s virtue to listen. We ‘re good at listening to our parents ‘whispers, listening to the whispers of your husband, and listening to your child ‘s dreams . So, when you have a problem, you need to know how to listen, Back to the years of hair and green onions.


Necessary items for gloss test: a comb, a mirror, a lamp (note that the light can be shined from the top of the head, the sun can also work) Operation method: clean the hair with a mild shampoo, and use a moisturizer, But take care to avoid styling products that increase the burden on your hair.

  Divide cleaned hair and smooth it out.

  Put a mirror in front of you so that you can clearly see the top of your head from it.

  Make the light shoot down from the head to form a crown-like round halo.

  Presumably: the brighter the round halo, the better the gloss of the hair.

Because the hair you care for is often smooth, the surface roughness can reflect the light shining on it, and it shines itself.

When the hair is dull, the light is diffused, so the hair looks dull.

Brush your hair from one side to the other.

If the gloss of the hair is really good, through the sliding of the hair, you will see the halo above the head continuously sliding at the same time.

If you have curly hair, the light will reflect at the top of the hair curl. If there is no halo, then you should implement the following scheme to “glaze” the hair.

  ”Gloss” prescription: Use some silicone-containing ingredients or ubiquitinol (or both) to make your hair brighter.

In addition, the appropriate use of styling products with a bright effect will also give the hair gloss.


Necessary items for toughness test: a pair of scissors, a glass of water. Operation method: Before washing your hair, cut a bundle of hair about one inch long and put it in the water.

  Meaning: Whether healthy or severely abused, all hair in the water will start to float on the surface and then sink gradually.

However, poor-quality hair easily absorbs water and sinks quickly, so good-quality hair floats and sinks slowly.

Hair quality can be ground within 30 seconds.

If your hair sinks straight, you have failed this round of testing.

The following methods can be used to repair and sand.

  Strong hair prescription: It is best to use additional oil control products on a regular weekly basis, especially those with a formula for repairing hollow cores.

Applying some leave-in conditioner every night is a good way to maintain your daily routine.


Smooth test operation method: comb the hair from top to bottom with a comb.

Then, hold the ends of the hair of a pair of scissors and rub them vigorously to see if the ends are split and broken.

  Hint: smooth?

Or is there something that can’t be combed?

If the comb is blocked in the same place, the hair in this place is the most fragile and driest.

If there is a knot, but it stays in the same place infinitely each time, then it means that the knot is just the hair that is naturally wound around accidentally.

  The cracking and breaking of the hair ends is the beginning of the fragility of the hair, and it must be timely controlled and treated.