Winter weight loss ginger juice bath is super effective


Winter weight loss ginger juice bath is super effective

Exercise weight loss, diet weight loss and other methods of weight loss I believe you have tried, another type of weight loss method to lose weight in the bath have you heard?

Adding ginger juice during a bath helps to lose weight more effectively.

銆€銆€Tips1 Precautions before and after bathing The bathing water temperature must be adjusted between 38-40 seconds, and it is appropriate to take a bath more than one and a half hours after a meal.

Take a break after bathing, wrap the body with a absorbent towel, and then apply a body wrap. The temperature left on the body can help absorb.

Drink water to replenish lost water.

銆€銆€Tips2 The best time for bathing The main function of bathing is to promote blood circulation and metabolism. How long it takes to bathe, or how long it takes to rest depends on each person’s physical condition!

In fact, soak it in the water for about 5 minutes, let the pores open, remove the capillary dirt, and let the body completely relax.

Then, perform a partial exercise or massage of the body.

After about 10 minutes, let the relaxed body leave the bathtub.

This cycle can be repeated to achieve slimming effect.

銆€銆€Tips3 ideal slimming water level wants to play the slimming effect of the water level, about the heart below, equivalent to half the body in the bathtub, so that the body parts of the body to withstand the appropriate pressure, plus water temperature effect,After the bubble is finished, the body will sweat a lot.

銆€銆€Tips4 ginger bath bath ancient pass the best slimming method using the old ginger stewed ginger juice, take 30cc into a bubble bath of about 40 degrees Celsius, soak for 15-20 minutes, you can accelerate the blood circulation, peripheral blood vesselsAfter burning calories, adults will sweat and sweat.