Exquisite salt, detoxify the body


Exquisite salt, detoxify the body

Slim body, smooth and firm skin is what every woman wants, so many women will not hesitate to grieve their stomach and abuse their bodies.

銆€銆€Recently, a friend recommended salt to maintain health. She said that Korean women’s skin is very good, mainly because they use bamboo salt and related products in their daily life. Oral administration can clear the intestines, help digestion, external use can eliminate inflammation and detoxification, slimming and fat reduction.Improve acidic body.

銆€銆€Bamboo salt massage waterproofing agent too much of the body’s limbs always feel swollen, this is the body’s accumulated excess water, traces and edema caused by old waste.

Buy some beauty bamboo salt for massage to reduce swelling; you can also directly replace the shower gel and body scrub containing bamboo salt, evenly spread on the body and then moderate massage.

Pay special attention to the thighs, abdomen, and hips to focus on “taking care.”

Stick to it, you will feel that your body is getting lighter, and bamboo salt soap has the same effect.

銆€銆€Bamboo salt can 鈥渟well down鈥?because its organic matter can penetrate into the skin, promote skin metabolism, transfer excess water and waste in the body. When you feel the heat in the massage process, it means that the garbage is accompanied by sweat.Say goodbye to you!

In addition, bamboo salt contains a lot of minerals, which can make your skin tight and tight, smooth and delicate.

銆€銆€Early salt night honey health drink every morning on an empty stomach with a small spoon of bamboo salt pure water can promote bowel movements, relieve constipation, reduce the accumulation and excessive absorption in the body, reduce excessive, which should also be in the saying “Early salt night honey “the health experience.

The reason why bamboo salt has more detoxification and detoxification function than ordinary salt is its refining technology.

The natural salt that will be produced from the west coast of South Korea will be poured into a three-year bamboo tube, put into the kiln where the loess is placed, and calcined with pine wood. It combines the medicinal properties of bamboo, loess, turpentine and other natural materials, so it has a goodHealth effects.

銆€銆€Of course, on this basis, we should pay attention to more exercise in order to promote the normal circulation and metabolism of the body’s functions, in order to lose weight and health.