12 Constellation Men’s Sexual Psychology

12 Constellation Men’s Sexual Psychology

The sexiness of Aries male sheep is very original, he may use all the ways he can to show love, and may even have a child-like expression, which may make people feel cute and interesting.After that, you may be deceived by his unguarded sexiness at any time.

He has a great interest in sex, unless there is another thing that arouses his interest, otherwise he will put all his energy on showing sexy, and he is like a child, and will directly express his feelings andExpect, and will naively think that the other party is already obsessed with him.

  Taurus males are very sexy, but also very emotional. I mean they have a high sensitivity.

In fact, he remained calm in the face of sex.

He suppresses his desires, even in the face of sex.

But I must say that he is a life enjoyer, and he will open all the feelings to enjoy sex.

However, he just made sex a little later.

He is sexy. As long as you pay enough attention, you can see the expectations in his eyes, and at the same time you will find his low vibration, just like his personality is lasting and steady.

  Gemini guys appreciate sexy people very much, but he hopes to show the sexual and sensuous look usually, this can change the feeling of others, because they have a very strong feeling for sex, but because of too much expectation and fantasy, So that they began to like intellectual sexy rather than spiritual.

He prefers to use imagination, so he will often be disappointed. This can’t blame you, or he first assumed your feelings and what he wanted.

Seriously, he prefers to be tortured mentally, so that he can recognize the true face and at the same time be more cherished.

  Cancer man He is very shy, but he also likes the feeling of sex very much, but he wants the combination of spirit and body that all people in the water sign will expect, so he will look at me, but the reason for his disappointment isAction, the other is that the other party does not think so.

He likes to be tired, and his senses are very keen, but it all depends on the environment he feels safe and the situation of the other party.

He also likes imagination, but he likes not only fantasy, but even the senses that must be combined with the soul, and as long as you make him feel secure, he can produce it himself.

  To him, the love of a lion male is like another mountain to conquer, and he is the king. He must be able to satisfy his desire to conquer. Therefore, in the relationship between the sexes, he is bound to stand beside him.His ambitions must be satisfied in his initiative.

The male lion often chases the target, and sometimes it is any target, which depends on his fatigue.

Once he encounters too many setbacks, he will start to appreciate rather than launch an offensive casually.

  Same for virgins, we still can’t judge from the literal meaning of this constellation that the man in this constellation is more able to guard himself like a jade. In fact, he suppresses many feelings and desires and makes others think he is clean and self-love.

But once he starts to cross that threshold, he will be like everyone else and can enjoy the feeling of sex, but he cares more about mental problems than others.The issue of cleanliness, sex in his heart, should not be too casual passion, which caused him to taste it.

  Libra men’s elegance and harmony are very important, and sex must also contain beauty for the scales, but we also don’t ignore the imbalance of the scales, it will be a bit rough.

However, for the most part, he will keep himself as elegant and harmonious as possible.

He likes the feeling of interaction, and he appreciates beautiful things, any beauty will make him heart, but his senses are quite sharp, and he will allow himself to enjoy the pleasure of sex well, but he will use themThere are several different ways to interpret what he believes to be sexy. Don’t forget that Libra must think about reason and emotion.

  Scorpio male is absolutely sexy. Few people don’t know it. In fact, many male scorpions think that they have sexy legs.

He was already preparing for sex in his heart when he was very young. Maybe I should say that Scorpio includes sex in the meaning symbolized in astrology.

In fact, he is very principled, and the sexual love identified in his heart must be felt through the soul, and he also requires spiritual chastity, which can also be said that sex and love are sometimes separable.

However, there are many monks in this constellation who follow the precepts throughout their lives.

  Sagittarius he can easily let himself pursue some casual relationships. His constellation pattern is centaur and half-horse, so his heart is also half-human and half-beast. Interestingly, his beast will be faster than human nature.

Of course, this is not a curse, please don’t get me wrong, this constellation has a direct relationship with religion, and there are many people who train themselves.

I must say that he will give himself a free idea, and he is very optimistic about his behavior, so you should also maintain female restraint when facing him, and should not give him actions or tone that suggestiveness, then his humanityHighlight your safety.

  Capricorn man always comes later than others, even if it is open, he is the one who blooms later, but the flowering period is longer than others, that is, he is old and strong.

He is very traditional, and even the relationship of facial sex is very traditional, but God knows!

In fact, he really wanted to break away from the traditional approach. Once he stopped himself from imagining the responsibilities he should face, he was very relaxed.

However, Saturn has always given him too much restraint, and it is only after he is too old to stack Saturn’s pressure that he will prefer the feeling of sex to him.

  The Aquarius bottle is very open. For any event, he always has a lot of space to accept all changes, as well as sex, but there is a place in the heart of the older bottle for his casualness when he was young.And some remorse or unwillingness.

The bottle rebellion will also manifest itself in sex, and even accept new changes and ways.

Bottle has been looking for and exploring the true face and feelings of sex and soul. It is also his rationality to study sex, which has led him to often fail to face and enjoy sex. In fact, many bottle men are full of sex.Solution style.

  Pisces men really wander between the soul and the body, but this is often misunderstood by the people; the soul and body that the fish want to see through are not only sex, but the body here refers toThe senses of the body, and the soul are the seven emotions and six desires.

The fishes are indeed keen senses, and in fact they like anticipation and imagination as twins, which will of course make them disappointed with many sexual relationships.Desire is not the senses, but the mind.

However, Yuer will be very private and face sexuality very gently, but also look forward to the sublimation of sex.