Shifen becomes pretty and makes you beautiful

Shifen becomes pretty and makes you beautiful

Become beautiful baby 1: A sunscreen lotion suitable for your skin care brand can not be ignored, but what is the most important?

You should choose a cosmetic brand, the product should be suitable for your skin type, skin condition and your own budget, and then stick to it.


hzh {display: none; }  不同的护肤品牌均有专长,如Estee Lauder的抗老产品口碑颇佳,Biotherm利用矿物质让皮肤更为健康;Clinique的温和滋润适合油性或混合性皮肤;Vichy的温泉Water can provide deep moisturization; La Roche-Posay helps sensitive skin return to its normal state . We do not recommend that you turn your skin into a laboratory of various brands, but it is necessary to identify a skin care brand that you can trust.

Of course, the price will not make you unaffordable.

  Makeover Baby 2: How can a bottle of body lotion tolerate dry and rough skin?

  The activity index of the body’s sebaceous glands is much lower than that of the face, so you will often feel that the skin of your body is dry and dehydrated. It usually has natural plant ingredients. Body lotions can soothe nerves and can also decompress your skin immediately.

Choosing different plant ingredients has different effects: roses, orange blossoms, and jasmine have moisturizing effects. If you want to soothe and relax, it will not prevent you from choosing lavender, chamomile, or orchid.Body oil-based body lotion.

  Baby 3: A waterproof and oil-proof mascara with insufficient curling is the biggest eye problem that Asian women currently face, but when you choose a mascara, we still recommend that you put water- and oil-proof effect firstConsiderations, followed by curling, or encryption.

  Asians generally have mixed skin, and the blinking of replacement can easily change eye makeup. At this time, the test is the durability and oil resistance of mascara.

If you don’t want to pretend to be a calm explanation every time, say that you are trying a new smokey makeup look, quickly replace the incompetent mascara in your hand.

The extended encryption effect of waterproof mascara launched by too many brands is quite good, you may wish to try more to choose a more long-lasting mascara.

  Beauty 4: A bottle of lip balm with SPF index But in fact, a bottle of lip balm that moisturizes and resists UV rays is more important.

The lip skin is very thin and there is no oil secretion for protection. At the same time, we cannot whiten the lips (unless you are willing to go to a beauty salon for lip blushing), so you can only watch the pigments deposit on the lips until any lipstickCannot retouch the mask.

All this may seem scary, but it is easy to solve: choose a lip balm with SPF index and use it often.

Of course, at night you should use another lip balm that does not have sun protection, so as not to put more burden on your lips.

  Makeover Baby 5: A concealer product you can like to face up to the sky, but once the hard work or late night’s overdraft are reflected on the face, continuing to be beautiful will only reduce your impression score.

And when the next customer will arrive within 5 minutes, you will realize the importance of concealer products.

You can choose different concealer products according to your skin condition: concealer or concealer.

Most of the concealer pens have the function of adjusting skin tone, and can capture light, make the skin brighter, and easy to use; if you choose a concealer, it is best to buy a combination of 2 or more colors to conceal the skin that suits youColor, covering different blemishes such as dark circles, large pores, uneven skin and acne.

  Become pretty baby 6: The most taboo way to buy a bottle of your own perfume is to follow the trend, or to lack of opinion.

Although it’s rarely useful to say the wrong perfume (unless you pour half a bottle of perfume on your body), when you buy perfume, you need to spend more time thinking about it: Is this smell really suitable for you?

Does this scent make you re-personal?

Does it make you more rememberable?

Be clear about the purpose of your perfume: just to make yourself smell better, or to let yourself transcend the characteristics?

Therefore, you can buy those perfumes that have a popular taste and are easy to be accepted, but at the same time, do n’t forget that you also need to buy a bottle of flavor that belongs to me and has a logo function. It will last forever with youlink together.

  Become beautiful baby 7: A healthy recipe is accompanied by weight loss when buying clothes, it is better to adhere to healthy eating habits for a long time.

Pizza, hamburger, espresso, these foods that we know are harmful to the body, but have been the protagonists in our diet list, becoming the culprit of getting fat or acne.

Why not choose some healthier foods?

Even small investments can make us healthy without showing up: turn your habitual McDonald’s chicken legs into healthy vegetable burgers; switch to decaffeinated coffee or tea; and after lunch every dayEat an apple; use vinegar and raisins instead of traditional salad dressings to make vegetable salads. These small placements can gradually make your body healthier, while also eliminating concerns about weight.

  Become pretty baby VIII: A good quality hair dryer Good quality means: the wind is strong and the heat is released quickly, there are high and low warm and cold air to choose from.

A good hair dryer will not hurt the hair, and during the hair blowing process, it can promote the closure of the hair scales to make the hair smooth, while the poor quality hair dryer can make the hair yellow and brittle.

Don’t underestimate the cold windshield. When you dry your hair, use cold wind to blow it again.

  Even if there are different warm winds to choose from, it is recommended that you use low temperature breeze to dry your hair (unless in a hurry).

First press the wet hair with a dry towel, use a hair dryer to quickly dry the roots of the hair, and then follow the hair growth, blowing from top to bottom, so that the hair after drying will not become fluffy or uncomfortable.

  Getting Beautiful Baby Nine: Mr. Hair Stylist

Is it important to have a good hair stylist that you have to go through several failed haircuts?

He must be skilled, understand your hair quality, and know what hairstyles will make your face look smaller, and at the same time, he will not keep talking about asking you to increase spending items, or constantly promote VIP cards in the store.
  Finding a stylist who has a tacit understanding with you is not easy, especially at the beginning, you can judge whether he is your husband by his first contact with you.
Correct: For example, observe your hair carefully; after asking your expectations before cutting your hair, specify his opinions and references; when you do n’t know how to choose, give you more suggestions; do n’t make delusions about your previous hairstylecomment.

  Beauty Ten: A skilled manicurist has many ways to relieve stress in a nail shop. We recommend that you choose a skilled manicurist in a comfortable manicure shop as a channel to relax and relax.
Of course, this may mean that the price is expensive, but after the hands are extremely relaxed, after polishing, overlapping, peeling, massage and other treatment steps, finally put on beautiful nail polish, looking at the beautiful ten fingers,You will find it all worth it.

And, in the process of lightening your nails, you can immerse yourself in your thoughts, or chat with the manicurist to relax and enjoy your time.