Spiritual and rest yoga

Spiritual and rest yoga

After a busy day, you most want to relax your stiff nerves and relax your nervous brain: Yoga meditation is a great way to reduce stress.

Yoga’s unique charm can help you wash your mind and filter into a peaceful and peaceful realm.

What’s more, practicing yoga doesn’t need much talent, what you need is your pursuit and desire for a healthy life.

 The original meaning of the word yoga is the meaning of combination and harmony. The practice of yoga in ancient Tibet and India meant the pursuit of the unity of the self and the gods.

In recent years, the news media and medical scientific research results of human body research all over the world have repeatedly mentioned the amazing experiences of some yoga teachers in Tibet and India in China, especially their control of their body heat, body functions, and naturalness.And the ability to withstand the severe cold in the upper environment has made those scientists who have witnessed it, and medical scientists feel both self-conscious and incredible.

  The professional manager’s work pressure is approximately high and must be relieved through exercise.

However, after working from 9 am to 5 pm every day, the body is actually tired. If you do more intense exercise for a long time, you will inevitably feel tired.

The biggest difference between yoga and other sports is that it is a delayed activity. Because of slow movements, breathing is also slower. Over time, scholars’ emotions will become more and more peaceful, and their personality will not be so impatient.

Yoga is easy to learn and it is not difficult to practice, but learners must focus on one’s mind, two must be disciplined, and three must have perseverance.

If you can do these three things, anyone can master yoga.

  The following classic yoga movements are simple and easy to practice.

Whether you are on a business trip or at home, practice yoga and have a relaxing day.


Tiptoe forest-style feet stand side by side, straight arms close the palms, arms tilt up, as if to hit the sky, slowly, heels off the ground, center of gravity on the two toes, to maintain balance.


Stump look at some points in front to balance your body, slowly lift your right foot and place it on the left leg, so the better.

As your confidence level increases, try to raise your arms over your head.


Half-dog style: Find a table with the same height as the waist, face up above the table, bend the curved body armor, and spread your palms on the table with your palms facing down.


Warrior-style feet separated advantages.

Extend your arm as far as possible, turning your legs and head to the right.

Slightly bend the right leg.

Prepare to change direction and practice the other side.


Triangle warrior style Next, straighten your legs so that your feet are to the right.

Lean your body to the right.

Straighten your left arm up.

The right arm extends down the right leg.


Expand your chest and stand upright, hold your hands behind your back, hold your shoulders down, and lift your arms upwards.


Slightly tilt the forest stand upright to prepare, gently tilt the left side to the right, so that the right ear rests comfortably on the right shoulder.

Prepare to change direction and practice the other side.
  Yoga emphasizes overall physiological balance. Learning yoga should also be accompanied by diet and sleep.

Eat as lightly as possible and eat less meat; in terms of sleep, you should avoid insufficient sleep and sleep enough every night.

Yoga can indeed enhance your physical fitness while relaxing your body and mind, making your physical capital more and more for the development of your career.