Postpartum vegetarian benefits are many!


Postpartum vegetarian benefits are many!

New mothers who are actively supplemented by traditional knowledge, trotters soup, squid soup and chicken soup can you drink every meal?

Does 5 eggs a day make you lose your appetite?

Why is the milk still not enough after drinking so many soups?

How to eat to ensure nutrition, but also to ensure health?

Try a vegetarian-based diet and you will be sure to get a surprise!

銆€銆€Most people think that vegetables, soy products and grains are just supplementary foods. Meat, eggs and milk are the main sources of our nutrition, but decades of research at home and abroad have shown that vegetables, fruits, soy products and grains should beBecome the protagonist in our diet.

Let’s take a look at the benefits of vegetarianism!

銆€銆€Benefits 1 Animals are more than phytotoxins. Current animals are often used with hormones, antibiotics, and animals that may consume pesticide residues or contaminated water.

Therefore, animals contain more toxins than plants, and these chemicals are fat-soluble and, once absorbed by animals, are difficult to remove by washing.

If these toxins enter the body of Mommy, they will naturally affect the baby’s health through milk.

Although vegetable cultivation often uses pesticides, most of the pesticides can be washed away by washing with running water, using fruit and vegetable antidote or fruit and vegetable cleaning salts.

銆€銆€Benefit 2 The human body structure is closer to the large intestine of the herbivore. The small intestine is longer than the carnivores. The meat has less fiber and is concentrated in nutrients. Therefore, it will produce toxins in the intestines for a long time, causing constipation.

Vegetables contain a lot of fiber, and some fruits contain pectin, which is enough to clean the function of the stomach.

Many new moms are troubled by constipation. In fact, as long as they eat more vegetarian food, they can solve it.

銆€銆€Benefits 3 Vegetarian foods that make human body fluids alkaline and healthy should be weakly alkaline.

Fish, meat, eggs, sweets, wine, and oil are all acidic foods; vegetables, fruits, seaweed, and grains are mostly alkaline.

The latest research in the United Kingdom shows that children have higher IQ in the state of alkaline fluids. Therefore, eating more vegetables can not only ensure their own health, but also have a good impact on the baby’s intelligence.

銆€銆€Benefits 4 Vegetarian protein content is not lower than meat. Almost everyone will worry that vegetarian food contains insufficient protein.

In fact, the protein content of soybean is close to that of beef. The amount of protein in edamame and pork is basically the same. The protein in mung bean, pea and broad bean is higher than fish, shrimp, chicken, duck, beef, pork and pork and lamb.

Therefore, as long as the new mother guarantees to eat soy products, fresh fruits and vegetables of several colors or more, even if it is completely vegetarian, it will not be malnourished, and will not reduce the secretion of milk.

銆€銆€Benefits 5 Vegetarians help breast milk better. Eczema (known as milk thistle) is usually associated with mother’s consumption of fish (including shellfish), eggs and milk.

Because allergic ingredients in these foods can affect your baby through breast milk, and even become a cause of high blood pressure and chronic ear problems.

銆€銆€Vegetarian milk is so delicious. The most common problem encountered by new mothers after childbirth is that there is not enough milk.

Looking at the chicken soup, the fish soup is no longer working. Why not try vegetarian milk?

銆€銆€First, eat soy and soy products every day, iron is the most important mineral in your baby’s growth. If you have enough calcium and iron in your breast milk, you don’t need to add artificial products. The calcium content in soybeans is close to that of milk.Times, the iron content is also higher than egg yolk.

The isoflavones in soy also have the function of regulating human estrogen in both directions, which stimulates the production of prolactin, which is not contained in other foods.

銆€銆€Second, drink the original vegetable soup every day, the original vegetable soup is the main types of vegetables are roots, stems, flowers, fruit, without any seasoning soup, the raw materials generally include soybean sprouts, broccoli, pepper (green pepper, yellow pepper, redSalt and pepper), purple cabbage, loofah, edamame, zucchini, celery, etc., each time you choose more than 4 kinds.

The vegetable soup has the original flavor and can be used as tea. It has excellent milk-promoting effect on the day after delivery (the next day of caesarean section).

In the future, make sure to drink twice a day.

銆€銆€Third, eat more nutty food nuts contain protein, vitamins and calcium, iron, zinc and other minerals, especially suitable for the new mommy’s nutritious food.

However, due to the postpartum constitutional reasons and the need for hydration of the feeding, it is recommended that the new mommy smash the nuts and drink them with water. The nut powder such as almond powder without adding any ingredients is a good milking food.

銆€銆€Vegetarian detoxification is so postpartum, especially in the month, because the amount of activity is relatively small, and the food intake is more, many new mothers will have constipation troubles; in addition, unfortunately, the mother of mastitis is also very popular.Is there any way to reduce the double perfusion of mothers through vegetarianism?

銆€銆€Detox breakfast every morning to eat a fruit, two servings of vegetables, a sweet potato and a multi-grain rice, this method can absorb enough nutrients to replace the body’s toxin replacement, through weight loss.

銆€銆€1 fruit should be in line with the local season, with the principle of skin consumption, anti-season and import is not appropriate, even the skin is because the skin is alkaline, and peeling food will be relatively cold.

New Mommy is best for eating apples (except for the season), because apples contain high levels of vitamins and minerals, and rich pectin helps laxative; 2 vegetables should be eaten raw, because all foods require enzymes for nutrient absorption.Vegetables are rich in a large amount of enzymes, but the enzymes are destroyed at 54 掳C: 3 sweet potatoes are rich in minerals, vitamins, amino acids, and yellow meat, which should be the outermost layer after steaming.The red thin skin is peeled off and eaten.

If there is no sweet potato in the season, you can use potato instead: 4 Because most people don’t have the habit of eating rice in the morning, the new mommy needs a lot of water, so you can eat porridge with rice as the main amount and miscellaneous grains. You can also add porridge.Red dates, lotus seeds, walnuts to increase nutrition: 5 detox breakfast can not add oil, salt and other spices, so you can use pine nuts, raisins, etc. as a table dish.