DIY beauty mask helps you to develop good skin


DIY beauty mask helps you to develop good skin

Regarding the DIY of skin care products, there should be a lot of masks. In order to make everyone better DIY masks, today I will teach you the formula and application of several DIY masks.

  Apple lemon starch mask material: apple one, lemon one, moderate starch, moderate mineral water juice: cut apple into small pieces and put in mineral water to beat the juice, (can also be placed in the right amount of lemon) filter the juice and add starch to make a pasteshape.

  Usage: After washing the face, apply it on the face first, but remember to avoid eyes and lips, just wash after a few minutes.

  Role: Apple is rich in organic acid apple starch mask in order to promote skin metabolism, activate skin cells, and improve skin texture and moisturize the skin.

Add some lemon for better whitening!

  Fresh carrot acne mask material: 500 grams of fresh carrots, 5 grams of flour (PS: just the right amount, not so precise) Method: Wash the fresh carrots and mash them; drain the juice of the mashed carrotsAdd the flour and mash it.

  Usage: Apply carrot puree to the face, once every other day, 10 minutes.

(Approximately apply it on the skin first) Function: Everyone can grind it from the name, remove acne, remove spots, treat acne, and resist facial wrinkles.

  Sweet potato root mask material: 10g sweet potato root powder, proper amount of honey Practice: Pour sweet potato root powder into a bowl, add an appropriate amount of honey, and stir well.

  Usage: First apply to the face, remember to work up and down in 30 minutes, the results will come out.

  Role: Everyone knows that the sweet potato root has the function of heat dissipation and detoxification, which can help to eliminate toxins on the face, so the removal of black spots on the face, acne, and remaining acne marks have effective results.

  Mung bean powder milk mask material: mung bean powder, milk, mask paper method: eh, this is the old mix of mung bean powder and milk, and then apply the face wet the mask paper on the face and then apply, remove the mask after 15 minutesWash your face.

  Role: mung bean has the effect of eliminating skin toxins. Using mung bean mask with milk can relieve acne and lighten acne scars.

The results about those who have acne just now are great!