How do people with different physiques use Chinese medicine to lose weight?


How do people with different physiques use Chinese medicine to lose weight?

As the temperature rises, the clothes become thinner, and many people who love beauty start to worry about the excess meat on their body.

When it comes to weight loss, people think of dieting and exercise, but these methods are often difficult to adhere to, and sometimes they may not be effective.

Traditional Chinese medicine simply divides general obesity into four types, and too many different weight loss methods.

銆€銆€Stomach sputum type – easy to succeed and low fat rate characteristics: strong muscles, easy thirst, large amount of food, love to eat ice.

銆€銆€Weight loss: Eat a few mouthfuls.

Can add more vegetables, fruits and other cold foods.

銆€銆€Obesity studies for thousands of people show that 36% – 38% of obese people belong to this type, and most of them are male.

This type is the easiest to reduce, some people can reduce 10 kg in half a year, and the rate of re-fat is not high.

銆€銆€Clinically, the common diarrhea laxatives commonly used by physicians, such as rhubarb and Cassia, allow him to accelerate metabolism and use defecation methods to reduce anger.

In addition, you can also absorb the ear needle or acupuncture Shenmen points, so that the gastric peristalsis is weakened and gastric acid secretion is inhibited, the gastric emptying time is prolonged, the body’s slight metabolism is promoted, and the accumulated aunt is consumed to achieve the purpose of weight loss.

銆€銆€Liver qi stagnation type – bath is the characteristic of slimming: often depressed and sigh, easy to sleep, more dreams, easy to nervous, irritability, often feel tired, women often have menstrual disorders.

銆€銆€Slimming: Drink a relaxing rose tea and take a bath.

銆€銆€Chinese medicine believes that the liver system is an important organ regulating metabolic products. Unstable emotions can affect the imbalance of liver function and cause obesity.

This type is similar to autonomic dysfunction, and about half of the girls are of this type.

銆€銆€Emotional adjustment is the weight loss exercise for this type of person.

Usually you can drink a refreshing rose tea, sweet-scented osmanthus tea or dried tangerine peel, which can ease your mood.

Clinically, it is mainly based on Xiaoyao San of Shugan Liqi.

Acupuncture uses liver cells such as Tai Chong, Taixi, etc., which are responsible for regulating emotions.