Inventory-prone mental illness in spring

Inventory-prone mental illness in spring

Every spring is a period of high incidence of various mental illnesses. We must be vigilant and take precautions in advance.

As the saying goes: “cauliflower is yellow, idiots are busy”, it is an indisputable fact that the high incidence of mental illness in spring.

So what are the common spring mental illnesses and how can they be prevented?

Experts said that the high incidence of spring mental illness is closely related to climatic factors and sleep quality and needs attention.

  Common spring mental illnesses occur throughout the year. Spring, the biggest change in meteorological factors such as temperature, pressure, airflow and air humidity.

Such erratic meteorological elements are prone to disturb people’s physiological functions, especially the poor ability of mental patients to prevent change, easily lead to imbalance of the body, exacerbate psychological disorders, and cause spring mental illness.

  1. Depression: It is manifested as being taciturn and usually indulging in his own spiritual world. He is unwilling to associate with people. If a person with a cheerful personality has a depressed mood, he will attach great importance to it and avoid suicide attempts.

  2, schizophrenia: manifested as sudden headache, dizziness, upset, dreaming or insomnia; irritability for no reason, emotional excitement, seeing people and things are often not pleasing to the eye, entangled in small matters; sensitive and suspicious;People are indifferent to relatives and friends; talk a lot, sophistry, nosy; life is lazy, not hygienic; confusion, imagination, memory decline; hallucinations, visions; work ability declines, the work is lost, the memory is significantly reduced, etc.
  3. Examination anxiety: Master’s exam, PhD exam, and college entrance examination. These fate-tests are often in spring and summer, which can cause candidates to significantly increase their psychological stress. Stress and excessive use of the brain may cause students’ nervous breakdown, which is manifested as inattention., Memory loss, lack of sleep, irritability, and even the mood to give up studying and exams.

  4. Chronic fatigue syndrome: manifestations of sleepiness, general discomfort, depression, depression, depression, loss of appetite, insomnia, dreaminess, irritability, temper tantrum, and do not want to go to work, etc.

  Experts on how to prevent spring psychiatric diseases suggest that prevention of spring psychiatric diseases should pay attention to the combination of work and rest, minimize external mental stimulation, and improve sleep quality.

In general, the prevention of spring mental illness needs to do the following: 1. To maintain their own mental balance, they should analyze things when they encounter them, and maintain a reasonable mentality; 2. They must constantly adjust their emotional changes.When things are especially urgent, when you have some other problems, you should find your own way to vent, some kind of participation in physical exercise, singing; 3, patients with a previous medical history in this area must be cautious during medication, mustAccording to 4, you should adjust your sleep to ensure that you have enough sleep time.

  Finally, experts remind that spring mental illness is high, and symptoms are more obvious, which is extremely harmful to life, health and safety.

Therefore, if you have symptoms of spring psychosis, you should consult a professional doctor as soon as possible, and perform treatment under the doctor’s diagnosis and guidance.