Health care effect of health Qigong on human spleen and stomach


Health care effect of health Qigong on human spleen and stomach

Chinese medicine believes that: the human spleen is in the middle, the five elements belong to the soil, and its functional role is the main transport, Shengqing, Tongxue, limbs and muscles, and assist in the transformation of high blood pressure, wet stomach and stomach, the sea of water valley, the main accept, maturityAnd pass, the subtlety.

The spleen and stomach are in the table and function together to form the source of human body blood and blood.

銆€銆€The human blood is transported through the meridian system throughout the body to transport the organs and organs of the internal organs, the limbs, the facial organs, the skin and the tendons, thereby maintaining the physiological functions of the human body.

If the person’s spleen and stomach are strong, the feeding, digestion, absorption and metabolism functions are good, the blood and blood are filled, the internal organs can be restored and strong, and the body is naturally healthy, otherwise.

銆€銆€The body will bring all aspects due to lack of blood.

Therefore, Chinese medicine has a cloud: “Spleen and stomach strong, the five internal organs are strong: the spleen and stomach are strong, and all diseases are not invading.

“The traditional Chinese medicine practitioners and Chinese medicine health care circles have put the health care human spleen and stomach in a crucial position.

銆€銆€Health Qigong’s exercise and health care for the spleen and stomach function of the human body is through the combination of the breathing method of the relevant exercises, the physical movement and the psychological adjustment (adjustment, adjustment and adjustment) to the spleen and stomach and its meridian points.In order to obtain the effect of protecting the spleen and stomach.

Its work methods and merits mainly have the following four aspects.

銆€銆€(1) Through acupoint anesthesia induction and respiratory vomiting, to stimulate Dantian vitality, promote the role of promoting spleen and stomach function.

It can stimulate the related exercises of Dantian’s gas.

Health Qigong 路 Ba Duan Jinzhong’s “preparation potential”, its practice requirements are natural orientation, the palm of the hand and the umbilicus are the same height, the palm is held to the inner platform about 15 cm in the abdomen, the tongue is on the upper jaw, the gas sinks into the dantian, and the disease is affected 6-9Times.

銆€銆€In the “receiving potential”, the skill requirement is that the two arms are bent elbows, and the two palms are placed on the side of Dantian. The front is visible, the posture is calm, the whole body is relaxed, the breath is natural, and the gas sinks into the dantian.

This two-practice method can stimulate Dantian’s vitality.


Inspire the merits of Dantian’s qigong method.

The two palms of Laogong and the Dantian gas sea and the Guanyuan point are asynchronously induced, which can stimulate Dantian vitality and improve the function of the spleen and stomach.

The acupoints of the human body (also known as acupoints) are the parts of the visceral meridians that are infused into the body surface and are also the reaction points of meridian function changes.

The acupoint is closely related to the visceral meridian complex, which is the reaction point of the visceral meridian complex.

銆€銆€It is also the treatment point for visceral meridian diseases.

The gas sea hole is located on the human vein, and the abdomen is five inches.

It is one of the three health points of the human body.

Medical ((Cai Ai) said: “The sea of sea, the sea of anger.

Everyone is sick.

“Chinese medicine acupuncture and moxibustion, acupuncture and moxibustion, can cure spleen and stomach disease, renal function disease and gynecological diseases.

Guanyuan Point is also one of the three health care points of the human body, located on Renmai.

銆€銆€Three inches under the navel.

The doctor of “A and B Jing” said: “Guan Yuan is a man’s Tibetan essence, and women’s blood storage is the key to life.
The true yuan exists.

“Acupuncture and moxibustion, acupuncture and moxibustion.

It can cure the body’s qi, blood, kidney and gynecological diseases.

“Bian Shu Xin Shu” records: “Every summer and autumn, that is, the burning Guan Yuan Qian Zhuang, long time not afraid of the heat.

“The labor palace at the middle of the palm of the hand is the sputum of the human hand sputum.”

The doctor of “Erya” refers to it: “The official of the courtier.”

Acting on behalf of the Lord’s official administration.

“Selection of the scientific name” said: “The heart is the heart of the guard, the sex is a fire.

The one-time palace is meant to be the palace where the palm of the hand is.

“Laogong Point is the minister of the heart of the official of the monarch. The induction of the mind and the induction of the body’s meridians are more agile. The Qigong industry calls it a gas port.”Because the human meridian has an inductive resonance function.

“The so-called inductance.

It refers to the meridian system’s feeling of acupuncture (or other stimuli), which has a transmission and conduction effect.

Also called “the phenomenon of meridian transmission.”

“Health Qigong路Ba Duanjin’s “pre-potential” and “received potential” two methods, the hands of the labor palace points against the abdomen gas sea and Guanyuan points, triggered the meridian of the acupoints of the acupoints, stimulated DandanThe gas (Dantian refers to the position of the navel to Guanyuan).

The arsenal of Dantian is the “energy” of Chinese medicine.

“Energy is the most important and fundamental gas in the human body.”

銆€銆€Yuanqi dialysis kidney, born from the innate essence, is hidden in the three-inch dantian under the navel.

One vitality is the original driving force of human life activities.

The more energy you get.

The health of the organs is stronger.


Dantian’s gas is vitality.

Vitality is important for the function of the viscera.

In addition, the abdominal breathing method of gas Shen Dantian absorbs oxygen more than the oxygen absorbed by natural breathing.

銆€銆€Promoted the blood circulation of the spleen and stomach meridians.

And the tongue is on the upper jaw, that is, the qigong community calls the communication of the governor, the pulse is the sea of the Yangmai, and the Renmai is the sea of the Yinmai.Filling and smooth.

Therefore, the effect of promoting the physiological function of the spleen and stomach has been implemented.

銆€銆€(2) Stimulate the body’s meridians through physical movements, and establish the role of clearing the spleen and stomach meridians.

About the spleen and stomach meridians.

The theory of traditional Chinese medicine meridians believes that meridians (ie, meridians) are running whole body blood.

Contact the dirty limbs section, communicate the table, up and down, inside and outside, regulate the passage of functional activities in various parts of the body, which is the unique organizational structure and communication system of the human body.

The foot of the human spleen is from the end of the big toenail.

Along the inner diameter of the big toe fracture.

銆€銆€Along the lower limbs to the abdomen, the umbilicus is four inches up against the chest.

Then lean down to the next six inches.

Liu Yangming stomach through Liu Qi in the lower edge of the eyelid, under the nose through the cheeks.

One pulse passes through the front of the ear to the top of the skull. The other vein is from the denomination along the throat side to the shoulder scapular basin. It goes straight down the nipple to the abdomen two inches down the midline, and then passes along the lateral front edge of the lower limb.

銆€銆€Enter the outer end of the second toe.

It is very important to clear the spleen and stomach meridians to promote the function of the spleen and stomach.

“The Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classics, Lingshu and Meridian” pointed out: “The meridians.

Therefore, it is possible to make a living, to be ill, and to adjust to reality.

It cannot be unreasonable.


Can clear the relevant exercises of the spleen and stomach meridians.

Health Qigong路Ba Duan Jinzhong’s 鈥渟ingle spleen and stomach need to be single-handed鈥? one palm rest, one palm down.

The elbow joint is slightly flexed.

Lida palms.

Another example is the 鈥淣ine Ghosts and Horses鈥?in Health Qigong路Yijinjing. After the arms are expanded, one hand is on the top.

銆€銆€Behind the head, cover your ears with your palms, one hand at the bottom, with your hands on your back and the upper part.Push on hand.

And the body turns to look at the heel.

The two-practice method can clear the spleen and stomach meridians.


Unblock the spleen and stomach meridians.

Health Qigong路Ba Duanjin’s 鈥淪cheming the Spleen and Stomach Needs a Single Action鈥?and Health Qigong路 Yi Jinjing’s 鈥淣ine Ghosts鈥?

Through the movement of the body movement, stretching, stretching, inner fitting, twisting, etc., the spleen and stomach of the human body are stretched correspondingly.

銆€銆€Make the spleen and stomach meridians loose and tight.

One relaxation, which dredges the spleen and stomach meridians, promotes the circulation of blood and blood in the meridians, thereby promoting the spleen and stomach function of the human body.

As the famous doctor of the Eastern Han Dynasty said, “When you shake it, you can sell it.”

Blood circulation, disease can not be born, such as the household pivot.

End immortal too.

(3) by breathing and breathing combined with physical movements and oral vocalization, acting on the spleen and stomach and meridians, thereby regulating the role of the spleen and stomach.

Can adjust the relevant exercises of the spleen and stomach.

Health Qigong路Six Characters is a qigong exercise that regulates the functions of the five internal organs and the three-focus.

Its conditioning and health care for the spleen and stomach function of the human body is mainly “calling 璇€” and “鍛靛瓧璇€”.

銆€銆€When practicing “calling words”, the two arms are rounded and round, and the palms of the two palms are in front of the dantian, using the reverse abdominal breathing method.

The nose is sucked, the two arms are inhaled, and the two arms exhale when they are out.

Send a “call” when exhaling.

銆€銆€The essentials of “鍛靛瓧璇€” is: when kneeling down.

Hold your hands in front of your abdomen, then hold your palms straight to your lower jaw.

Then turn the palms down again.

The mouth spits “he”, when the two palms are inserted under the navel, the knees are kneeling.


Regulate the spleen and stomach exercises.

“Calling words” can exhale the spleen and stomach.

Get rid of breath.

When practicing the qigong of the six-character 璇€ 鍛?鍛?, , , , 鍏?鍏?鍏?鍏?鍏?鍏?鍏?鍏?鍏?鍏?鍏?鍏?鍏?鍏?鍏?鍏?鍏?鍏?鍏?鍏?鍏?鍏?鍏?鍏?鍏?鍏?

At the same time, reverse abdominal breathing is used.

In the anti-abdominal breathing method, the chest cavity rises and expands when inhaling, and a small number of concomitant adductions, the gas sensation goes straight to Dantian; when the exhalation, the chest cavity falls and adducts, and the abdomen expands outward.

銆€銆€The anti-abdominal breathing method is mainly based on the diaphragmatic muscle activity. The area of the diaphragmatic muscle is observed to have a larger area of the chest muscle activity during natural breathing. Therefore, the volume of suction and breathing is much higher than that of the natural breathing method.

In addition, the mouth shape and vocalization during exhalation correspond to the spleen stomach cramps and the spleen and stomach meridians, forming the resonance of the spleen stomach cramps and the spleen and stomach meridians.

銆€銆€In this way, the fresh air sucked in during inhalation nourishes the spleen and stomach, and vents more spleen and stomach turbidity.

Moreover, the resonance effect of the vocalization can dredge the spleen and stomach meridians.

Make the spit new and smoother.


銆€銆€The reduction of the abdomen caused by reverse abdominal breathing increases, combined with the guiding of the adduction and expansion of the two palms in front of the abdomen, which increases the clearance effect of exhaled turbidity and increases the internal spleen and stomach.Pressure and peristalsis, such as external guidance, in the turbidity and clearing, while improving the function of the spleen and stomach, play the role of spleen and stomach, digestion and stagnation.

銆€銆€Therefore, in the “Four Seasons Song” of the predecessor’s “School of the Eight-Year School Note, Yannian Go to the Disease”, there is a record of “the four seasons often spleen food.”

銆€銆€”Horse word” can replenish the heart and spleen.

Health Qigong路Six-character 璇€ is a fire in accordance with wood.Fire 卤.

The raw materials of the earth, the golden water, and the five elements of the aquatic wood are born to correspond to the five internal organs for practice.

“鍢樺瓧璇€” complements the liver and fires the lungs, “Horse word 璇€” to make up the fire heart 卤 spleen, “call word 璇€” to make soil spleen and golden lung.

銆€銆€”Ah Yu Yu” fills the lungs and waters the kidneys.

“Blowing the word 璇€” hydrating kidney and liver.

Therefore, according to Chinese medicine: the heart is a fire, the main blood.

The main sage; the spleen is the main source of qi and blood, and the function of blood and blood of the main student; the yang of the heart can warm the spleen, the blood of the heart is normal, the blood can spleen, the spleen can play the main transport.The function of blood, blood, and blood, this is the heart of the fire to transport the spleen, that is, fire and soil.

The heart of the fire is the mother, the soil and the spleen are the sons. First, the practice of “Hanzi 璇€”, and then the practice of “calling the word 璇€”, becomes the effect of the heart of the mother and the spleen of the strong child.

銆€銆€(4) Through the qigong of the abdomen.

Improve the stomach, and promote the role of the stomach’s heat and drowning function.

Qigong massage exercises that can improve the stomach.

Massage therapy with meridians and acupoints is a traditional health care and treatment method developed by the kidney medicine on the basis of meridian theory and acupuncture theory.

Coupled with the idea, the combination of breathing and body movements is a further development of qigong massage health care methods.

銆€銆€In the “Bearflies” style of Health Qigong and Wu Qin Xi, the waist and the abdomen are the axes.

The upper body is clockwise and counterclockwise, and the two masters are along the ribs.

In the upper abdomen, the lower abdomen is circled, and the mind is followed by a circle in the abdomen.

Another example is the 鈥渞eceiving potential鈥?in the Health Qigong路Six-character ,, the two hands of the tiger mouth cross-grip, covering the navel as the center to circle and press, the idea is also circled in the abdomen.


The merits of the Qigong massage method to improve the stomach.

The Qiongyun of the Health Qigong路Five Birds, and the 鈥渞eceiving potential鈥?of the Health Qigong路Six-character drama, is the massage of the abdomen, which acts on the abdomen of the abdomen.

This point can not be acupuncture only moxibustion) Yinjiao points (the next inch of the navel), Qihai points (5 points in the navel), Guanyuan points (under the umbilical cord), Zhongyu points (three inches on the navel),Tianshu points (two inches on each side of the navel) and so on.

銆€銆€In the traditional treatment of traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture, moxibustion or massage above acupuncture points, through the role of health care and treatment of spleen and stomach diseases.

In practice, massage the acupuncture points above the abdomen to a certain extent.

The abdomen will warm up and heat up.

The first is to apply moxibustion in the abdomen.

Moxibustion is very obvious for improving the function of the spleen and stomach. It has been recorded in medical books, such as “Bian Shu Xin Shu” said: “Stomach gas is greatly damaged.

銆€銆€Six veins are fine.

The limbs are cold, but the true yang is off.

In the moxibustion, there are 50 strong, Guan Yuan three hundred strong, six veins resurrected.

“and so.

Massage the abdomen with Qigong massage method, which can enhance the spleen and stomach.

銆€銆€Qigong massage the abdomen is also directly on the stomach of the abdomen, the intestines are massaged, so that the stomach and intestines increase the peristalsis and increase the function of the stomach and intestines.

Therefore, Qigong massage acts on the acupoints or on the stomach and intestines.

Comprehensively promote the improvement of stomach and the function of decay and drone of stomach cramps.

銆€銆€According to the exercises and functions of Health Qigong in the health care of the spleen and stomach, if you want to take better health effects on the spleen and stomach, you can practice some sets of exercises for Health Qigong.

Then take the “preparation potential” of Health Qigong路Ba Duanjin, “to regulate the spleen and stomach need to be single-handed”, Health Qigong路Yi Jinjing’s “Nine Ghosts”.

銆€銆€Health Qigong路Six-character 璇€ 鍛?鍛?涓?涓?涓?涓?鍛?鍛?鍋ヨ韩 鍋ヨ韩 鍋ヨ韩 鍋ヨ韩 鍋ヨ韩 鍋ヨ韩 鍋ヨ韩 鍋ヨ韩 鍋ヨ韩 鍋ヨ韩 鍋ヨ韩 鍋ヨ韩 鍋ヨ韩 鍋ヨ韩 鍋ヨ韩 鍋ヨ韩 鍋ヨ韩 鍋ヨ韩 鍋ヨ韩 鍋ヨ韩 鍋ヨ韩 鍋ヨ韩 鍋ヨ韩 鍋ヨ韩 鍋ヨ韩 鍋ヨ韩 鍋ヨ韩 鍋ヨ韩 鍋ヨ韩 鍋ヨ韩 鍋ヨ韩

As long as you practice the law and persevere, you will be able to receive better results from the health of the spleen and stomach.